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  • Check your digitized XYZ points and bone animations
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After digitizing your markers and animating your bones, we recommend checking that your XYZ points and bone animations match the x-ray images of the markers and bones. If your digitized points or animated bone models do not match your x-ray images, there may be a problem with your calibration.

What you need:

  1. undistorted .jpg or .tif x-ray video sequences (use "UndistortVideo" button in the XrayProject window to do this)
  2. mayaCam files
  3. xyzpts.csv file (created when markers are digitized in XrayProject)
  4. bone models (Instructions for creating models with Osirix, Amira, orMicroScan Laser Scanner)
  5. rigid body transform matrix (AbsTforms.csv file created when rigid body motion is calculated in XrayProject)

Checking digitized XYZ points

  1. Open a Maya scene and create x-ray cameras using the undistorted video images and mayaCam files.
  2. Import your digitized XYZ points from the xyzpts.csv file as small spheres (i.e., bbs). using the Import button on the XROMM Tools shelf, select 'xyz' as Data Type and 'bb' as object type.
  3. Your digitized XYZ points should appear as small spheres and line up with the x-ray images of the markers when view through the x-ray cameras. The spheres may not be the same size as the markers, but the centers of both should be aligned (see example image below).
  4. To zoom and pan within the x-ray camera perspective, it may be helpful to use the Pan and Scan Tool.

    Checking bone animations
  1. In the same Maya scene (or a new scene with x-ray cameras) animate your bone models.
  2. When viewed through the x-ray perspective cameras, your bone models should be aligned with the x-ray images of those bones (see example image below). Tip: it can be helpful to use the Pan and Scan Tool to adjust the transparency of your bone models.